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I am a mother of three who has always been passionate about all things pregnancy, birth and baby in a career which has spanned 20 years. I worked as a midwife for 17 years and had the honour of caring for many families during that time. Over 5 years ago I decided to combine two of my passions, pregnancy and yoga, qualifying as a yoga teacher. I love following people through their pregnancy journey and see them blossom into parents. With my birthing classes I began guiding people towards positive birth experiences, seeing them gain confidence in the birth process and themselves. This further inspired me to become a doula, providing families with individualised support during their unique journey, helping them to create an empowering and positive experience of pregnancy, birth and early parenthood.

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Fitness for future mothers

Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga

I run yoga classes from my own studio Ostara Yoga & Therapy in Kirkintilloch. Pregnancy yoga is a gentle and safe yoga practice developed especially for pregnant bodies. More than just a yoga class each session provides birth education, breathing techniques for birth and deep relaxation. Postnatal recovery uses yoga postures, the breath and deep relaxation to bring the body and mind back into alignment post birth. Mum and baby yoga combines a postnatal yoga practice to restore and tone the body post birth with baby massage and baby yoga suitable for little bodies.
I can also offer one to one yoga prenatal sessions in your own home as a stand alone service or as part of your doula support package.

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Birth education sessions

I provide birth education sessions for you and your birth partner in your own home at a time and day that suits you. These are tailored especially for your own personal circumstances to help you  feel informed, empowered and ready for your own positive birth experience. 
I can provide these sessions as stand alone birth education or as part of a birth doula package. I am happy to travel throughout Glasgow, Lanarkshire and surrounding areas, for more information please get in touch.

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Doula Support

Get extra personal support throughout the entirety of your birthing journey. As a Doula, I promise to offer unwavering support to you and your family before, during, and after birth. Providing a positive presence, physical and emotional support and a trust in your ability to give birth, empowering you towards a positive birth. Please see below for further information on what support I can provide.


 What I can offer as a doula

My services as a doula are tailored to your own individual needs and are priced depending the type of support your require; antenatal, birth, postnatal or a package which includes all three.  So don't hesitate in getting in touch.

Free initial consultation

A no obligation meeting to find out if we are 'right' for each other. There are lots of great doulas out there so you may want to meet with a few before making your decision. If we are a good fit we can take some time before we make an agreement, there is no rush.

Prenatal support

I can support you just prenatally as you prepare for the birth or as part of a full birth support package which includes my support and presence during your labour and birth and a visit postnatally too. Each prenatal session lasts around 2-2.5hrs and is tailored to your individual needs and wishes. These sessions are a great opportunity for me to get to know you and your birth preferences, offering support with birth preparation and planning.  We can discuss comfort techniques that you can utilise during the birth such as breathing techniques, positions and movement, use of water, massage, rebozo and aromatherapy. I also have a selection of literature that you can use to empower you in making informed decisions regarding your antenatal care and birth choices.
These prenatal sessions can include individual prenatal yoga sessions, attendance at medical appointments as required and additional support by telephone or email when needed.

Labour & birth

I offer support for all birth choices.
I will be on call from 38-42 weeks for your birth only. If baby is born before or after this time I will still try my best to be there if possible.
I will be there from when you call for my presence until up to a few hours after the birth, depending on your needs.
I can offer suggestions and support  with natural comfort techniques if needed; breathing, positions, massage, aromatherapy, rebozo etc.
I will believe in you and offer unwavering love and support.
I can advocate on your behalf if required.
I will support your birth partner to be fully confident and  present at the birth, ensuring they have shorts breaks and refreshments as needed.

 Postpartum support

If you choose birth support I will be there immediately after the birth protecting that first golden hour with your new baby, supporting your first special moments together. I can offer practical assistance in those first few hours with breastfeeding, ensuring you have adequate refreshments and nutrition and helping you up to the shower.  I will then visit you with your new family at home to debrief your birth experience. In addition i can also offer regular postnatal support to help with feeding, chores, ensuring you have regular refreshments, nutrition and sleep, whatever is needed as you transition into your role as a mother.  This support can vary from 1-2 visits in the first week as you settle in at home to regular visits up to 6 weeks postnatally.

As a doula

I cannot perform any clinical tasks or offer any advice or diagnosis.

I cannot make any decisions for you.

I can be a supportive presence.

I can attend to your birth space.

I can offer physical and emotional comfort.

I advocate for you and support you in your decision making.


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I have had lots of time to reflect on Ashley's input over the past 6 months since having Errol. I think i came looking for a doula from a place of fear, expecting Ashley's role to be mainly during the birth itself. What i have realised since is, that for me and my husband, Ashley's input went much deeper than that. Over the course of our time together, Ashley supported my husband and I to gain confidence that we could support ourselves. She empowered me to trust my own intuition. We were given unpressured time to plan and prepare, to voice and confront our fears, so that in the moment when I needed it most, I was able to trust and advocate for myself and, whilst not entirely as I might have envisioned, ensure that I had an extremely positive birth that I would not change one moment of.

Morven Sutherland-Pelly

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Ashley was the calm in the chaos- she kept me (a neurotic, by my own admission, first time mum to be) relaxed and fielded my million questions. She had confidence in me and my plan and helped remind me when things strayed a little. Not only was she an amazing support to me throughout my pregnancy and childbirth, she was an invaluable addition for my husband during my 36 hour labour, keeping him focussed whilst neither of them slept. Having her by our side during pregnancy and labour was the best decision we made, particularly in a medical system where women are not always offered unconditional support from their birthworkers due to policies holding them back. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ashley, and look forward to her by our side for any future pregnancies.

Heather McCaffery

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I decided to hire Ashley to be my doula after a very traumatic previous birth. She was amazing from the first email, so kind and caring and made me feel at ease. she was an amazing support when our birth didn't go to plan. She was with me every step of the way, staying with me on the ward when things were uncertain. During my labour she was the calming presence I needed when things didn't go to plan, she helped me step back and look at my options. I truly believe if I didn't hire Ashley I would never have achieved my VBAC and have the amazing birth that I did. Even my partner mentioned how amazing she was, he worried he would be pushed to the side but said he felt reasured that I had someone with me when he had to leave to look after our older children and to help me when I got crazy (think he means transition). If we were ever to have another baby I wouldn't hesitate to hire Ashley again! Everyone deserves a doula! If your unsure I would say go for it! A doula is there to support you through the most amazing and toughest time in your life!!

Lauren McLatchie


"Birth is a rite of passage for women. Their journey should be honoured, their rights should be fiercely protected and their stories should be shared"

Marcie Macari

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